Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby quilts...

I just finished up this baby quilt top!  I have 2 with deadlines and this is NOT one of them!  LOL!  This one is totally different from my usual, it is a little more modern that what I usually work with.  I have lots of bright colored and novelty scraps that are going to be making their way into baby quilts! 
 It seems like everyone around here is pregnant!  I'm always in need of baby quilts to sell or to give as gifts so I am stocking up on them.  

Here is another one in the works!  The photo is black and white but the quilt is not!  It is going to be a gift and I know as soon as she sees the colors she would know it was for her.  So right now it has to stay a secret in black and white.  :)  It will have white strips between the rows and then white borders. 
 It's been another long day.  I received a letter in the mail today from my bank stating that my card had been compromised and that they would be issuing me a new card and pin within 2 weeks.  I called the bank about it as I got to thinking that if it had been compromised I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for a new card, just cancel it NOW!  So I'm talking to the lady at the bank and she is going over incoming charges from my card and we find one that came in today.  :(  A charge out of New Mexico for $322!!!!  This is not what I needed today.  It's not like I have $322 extra to just not worry about it.  I'm stressed to the max right now.  :( I've been praying about it all day, praying for strength, patience and understanding.  

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Hexies and weekend fun!

 I've been slowly working on my hexies waiting at the hospital and doctor appointments.  I have a little stack of them so I decided to put them up on my wall to see about how many more that I will need to get the size quilt that I want.  So right now I have 74 of these finished and I'm thinking that I will need 400-500 total.  :(  I still have a long way to go, but I'm not in a hurry. 
 Of course I will mix my colors up better once I start sewing them all together.  My hexies are 1.5"  this is a nice mindless project to work on. 
 Hunter is doing okay with his arm and the soreness is starting to go away from the rest of his body from his fall.  He is getting a little depressed as he is a very active boy and his brace limits his activity somewhat.  Richard worked Friday night so when he got home Saturday morning he slept for a few hours and then we surprised Hunter with a day out to cheer him up a little bit.  Saturday was "Airport Day" at our little airport about an hour away.  They also had a car show!  He loves classic cars so he had a wonderful time. 
 Here are a few of the little planes.  They were giving rides but they stopped selling tickets before we got there so he didn't get to ride.  He had a wonderful time anyway.   Nothing major just a little something to take his mind of his arm for a bit. 
 Richard works tomorrow night so I hope to get some sewing time in.  I have 2 baby quilts that need to be done soon so I hope to at least get one of them ready to quilt tomorrow.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014 accident prone! my last post I mentioned that so much had been going on, mom had been in the hospital, I had been sick, Hunter had strep throat and so on.  It never ends....

Tuesday evening after school I was sewing, Richard and Andrew were outside working on a vehicle and Hunter was being Hunter.  He was climbing a tree and fell.  He fell about 8ft landed on some underbrush and a barbed wire fence.  I'm sewing away and Andrew runs in the house and says, "MOMMY, HUNTER FELL AND BROKE HIS WRIST"  Of course, I start running and screaming as I get outside Richard is coming out of the woods trying to walk Hunter out and all I can see is that his hand is dangling.  :(  Richard takes him straight to the Jeep and grab my purse and run for the Jeep.  Meanwhile I am yelling for Andrew to unplug my iron and lock the doors.  In the excitement, we run off and leave Andrew by accident.  LOL!  When Hunter fell he fell about 8ft and landed on his left side.  He was having pain in his hip, ribs, head, and his arm.  On the way to the hospital he was on the verge of passing out, he was real sweaty, pale and having some trouble breathing.  Thank God that Richard and Andrew were home with me when this happened.  
So we get to the emergency room and we are getting Hunter out when Andrew pulls in....that is when I realized that we had forgotten him.  LOL!  They took him straight in as he did not look well.  They did lots of scans, x-rays and cleaned up his cuts and in the end he broke his wrist.  A clean break....snapped both bones. 
 The bandage on his finger is for a cut from the barb wire.  He is a very lucky little boy!  As you may have guessed Hunter is a very active little guy that loves being outside.  He worries me sick!  Yesterday he had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to follow up.  He said that no surgery was needed and he has to go back in 2 weeks for a check up and wear the brace for a total of 4 weeks.  

My dear friend, Kay baked a delicious cake for us.  She said she just wanted to brighten our day a little.  It was a Coco-Cola Cake.  Very but good.  :)  As you can see in the photo that I dug into it with a spoon.  LOL!  I just needed some CHOCOLATE after all that has been going on.  :)
 I haven't had a chance to read blogs lately so please don't give up on me, I will get to them soon.  I did sew a little today.  I just needed to sew and try to relieve some stress.  I worked on my turtle quilt but didn't get a photo of it.  I will post it next time.  I also pinned some burp cloths together and then I cut out another baby quilt and started sewing it together.  Here it is up on my design wall. 
 Just a very quick and simple strip quilt.  This is very different from what I usually work on.  I have the strips sewn but I don't have the rows sewn together yet.  This is only half of it on the wall and the other half has the same fabrics in it so it just continue this pattern.  After I get it all sewn together, I will cut down the white sides to the size that I want and it will be ready for quilting. It seems like everyone around here is having babies!  
 That is all for now....I'm going to wash another load of laundry and get back to sewing. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

So much going on....

Well, it's been well over a month since I last posted.  It has been a long month!  I will not bore you with every little detail but there were a few things that kept me away from blogging. 

Mom was in the hospital with what could have been a near fatal allergic reaction to something and they still don't know what it was unless it was some antibiotics that she had been taking.  Mom has been very sick for several months and had been on 6 sets of antibiotics back-to-back.  She is on the mend but still weak and not her old self yet.  

I have been a little under the weather also but so have my boys!  :(  Hunter has had strep throat but is feeling much better now.  Andrew went to a football game last night and got very sick on his way home.  We are thinking maybe a touch of food poisoning.  :(  He had a rough night but feeling a little better today.

Some good news precious sister is pregnant!!!  I couldn't be any happier if it were my own!  This is really great news as getting pregnant was questionable.  I'll not go into details as it is a little personal but I am just over the moon.  The whole family is so excited!  I'm praying so hard that things go well for her and the baby.  Don't laugh but I told her that I was pretty sure it is a boy!  LOL!  She is somewhere around 8 weeks so we don't have a clue of it's gender yet.  :)  

I have already started making some burp cloths for her.  I'll post some photos of those later.  Her best friend is also pregnant.  My sister, Chantal should be due sometime in April and her best friend is due this December.  Her friend is having a girl.  So I am in the process of making a quilt for her too.  I can't wait to get started on making quilts for my sister.  I guess whatever I would make now would have to be gender neutral.  

I also worked on some hexies while everything was going on.  Not a lot of progress to show on those.  

Tonight I started piecing a baby quilt for a dear friend of mine.  She picked out the fabrics and pattern for it.  It will go to her 1st great grandson!  How exciting is that?  So I was sewing away and thinking that it was looking pretty good until Hunter walked in and informed me that I had messed up it's head!  LOL!  I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  I stopped sewing for the night and I will pick it out and redo it tomorrow.  
Also more good news!  Richard will be changing jobs in October!!!!!  I always stress over change of any kind but this is a good change.  He loves his job where he is now but he had the opportunity to better himself so he accepted the job.  This job will be more pay, more hours, a better opportunity to move up and also better benefits!  This is something that we had been praying about for a few months.  Not praying for the new job just praying for whatever was the Lord's will.  He starts October 6th but he is also going to work at his current job as PRN so that will probably be a day or two extra a pay period from that too.  

I guess that is all for tonight as it is nearly 1am!  

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

More appealing to me...

 I was straightening up some of my quilt books and magazines and I realized that the older magazines are more appealing to me than the newer ones are.  I know that everyone has different taste but I am attracted to the more traditional/old-fashioned patterns than I am the more modern ones.  Here are a few examples...

This is "Quilt" magazine dated Summer 2002.  Look at those quilts on the cover!!! 
 My favorite in the magazine is the Grandmother's Choice pattern!  I stated on it years back and it still isn't finished.  I need to dig it out and finish it up.  If I remember correctly it was easy.  Do you love it as I do? 
 Here is a close up of it...
 The following are in it as well...
 This is the Fall 1993 issue of "Quilt" magazine....
 I actually made this one years ago....not even sure if I still have it.
 Do these appeal to you also?  Looking through these two magazines just makes me want to sew!  LOL!

On to other things...Hunter started school on Monday, August 1st.  :(  This breaks my heart as he didn't want to go.  He hates school and his feet were hurting him pretty bad so that just made it worse.  Can you believe that he has a test tomorrow???  They sure don't waste any time, do they?  As you can see by the look on his face he was not thrilled about going. 
Things are changing around the farm too.  Richard and a dear friend of ours from Church traded out some work.  Last summer we moved the driveway to a different area which we still are not using it as we haven't graveled it yet.  :(  We only drive on it when it is dry.  :)  So now we dug out part of the hillside to make a huge turning/parking spot that way Richard will have plenty of room to turn the hay trailer.  He is also planning on building a garage out there too.  

This is Chuck cutting out the turning/parking area.
This is the area where the garage will eventually be.  These photos were taken not even halfway through the progress so it looks totally different than this now.  I'll have to take more photos of it to post.  
Richard is happy so that makes me happy!  :)

I'm heading on to bed soon.  Richard got called into work tonight, Andrew still isn't home from work as he is working a double shift.  Hunter is in bed and I have to get him up at 6:30am.  

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sleeping in the sewing room....

Tuesday night I was home alone.  Richard and Andrew were both at work and Hunter spent the night with my sister.  So I spent lots of time in my sewing room.  It got rather late so I thought I would rest a few minutes and then get back to sewing.  That didn't happen...I slept all night on the sofa in my sewing room.  :)
 I worked a little more on my Sweet Annie quilt.  I also spent lots of time just piddling around.  Loved every minute of it although I did miss my family. 
 I'm back up here today starting to sew more on my Sweet Annie quilt.  I have over half of it pieced. 
 I had last night's quilt cam on while I was sewing.  I got a lot done this morning.  I'm very pleased.  Now I need to go downstairs and clean so that Richard doesn't think that I just sewed all day.  :)  He is helping a friend do some work today. 
 Let me tell you a good one on Andrew!!!  I don't think I have ever laughed so hard.  The other evening he had a headache and asked where the ibuprofen was.  I told him and he got out 4 pills and swallowed them.  Then he said, "OH NO!"  See these two bottles.....which one do you think he took?  LOL!  Not the right one!  :)  Hehehehe!  Let's just say he was awake early the next morning!  :)
 Thanks for those interested in the fabric that I have for sale.  I still have about 7 yards left, if anyone is interested.  $6.50 per yard!!!!  It is from the line, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Chocolate by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers. 
 I'm off....I need to do some house cleaning and then spend some "special time" with Hunter as he starts school on MONDAY!!!  :(

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fabric For Sale!

 FOR SALE:  Strawberries, Blueberries & Chocolate by Judie Rothermel for Marcus Brothers.  0262-0010
 This is a beautiful Blue Civil War Reproduction fabric with a small cream design in it. 
 I have 11+ yards of this and I will sell it by the yard.  $6.50 per yard.  1 yard ships for $2.86......2+ yards ships for $5 total. 
 This is new fabric still on the bolt!  If you are interested shoot me an email or comment and I will send you a Paypal invoice. 
 Thanks for looking!!!

Monday, July 28, 2014

My Sweet Annie Quilt...

 I have been working on a UFO that is navy and cream but today I set it aside and pulled some special fabrics.  These lovely fabrics were sent to me from a dear friend. 
 I didn't want to cut into them until I decided exactly what I wanted to make with them.  I decided on this simple design that really shows off the fabrics well.  This quilt will be for ME!  I have really enjoyed cutting and sewing on it today.  I have decided to call it, "Sweet Annie"  my dear friend will never know what a comfort and joy she has been to me over the past few years.  This quilt will always remind me of her and our friendship.

The photo on my design wall is blurry so the photo is not a great one but at least you can get an idea of how it will look.  I also plan on adding a border to it.  This was the view of it from my sofa that I have in my sewing room.  I'm thinking that I will remove that round table that I have the little ironing board on.  I have plenty of room but I like the open space that I have in the middle of the room without it.  I have my big ironing board downstairs so I will bring it back up when I remove the table.  I usually have my big ironing board set up by the window. 
 This is another view of the room from the sofa...
 Yesterday evening Richard was in the garden picking tomatoes and saw a copperhead about 10" from his hand.  He killed it with a hoe.  So thankful that the Lord was watching over him.  Shew...I hate snakes!  Leo hates them too.  He will bark and bark at them...dead or alive. is dead in these photos.  :)
 It measured about 30" long.
 Hunter has had several rough days with his feet.  He has spent most of the time on the couch as he can't stand to walk.  It will be about a month before he gets his new inserts and I just pray that these work for him.  He has some in right now but they are his old ones.  He is a very active child or at least he wants to be.  His whole body is out of alignment because of his feet.  The xray of his spine looks like he has scoliosis, it is so crooked but it isn't.  This has messed with his feet, ankles, knees, hips and back.  He has had to take Motrin pretty much around the clock the past few days and that can't continue.  So praying that something gives for him.  I can't stand to see him not feeling like walking around.  If you remember last year he was in a boot and on crutches for a few months.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep a 12 yr old occupied and keep him off his feet???  UGH!  He is also having therapy and that is not going well for him as he is crying pretty much through all of it.  As a mother, this just breaks my heart.  

I guess that is all for now...I'm heading back up to the sewing room!!!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hunter's visit to Shriner's Hospital...

Yesterday was Hunter's appointment at Shriner's Hospital for the issues that he has with his feet.  Here is a pic that I took on the way down there.  I think he was a little nervous as he was acting goofy the whole time.  :)
 After we got there and registered, we saw several different doctors and they all agreed that if possible we wanted to try to avoid surgery.  He has had a million pairs of inserts custom made but they assured me that these inserts would be completely different from anything else that he had ever had.  They took more impressions of his feet and showed me how the insert/brace works and looks.  This is something that should support his feet and arches but not be seen outside of his shoe.  I'm just praying that this works for him.  He has pain in his feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back.  Actually the xray that I have of his back looks like he has scoliosis because his feet has thrown everything off in his body.  Praying that this will all be fixed from these inserts/brace.  Since his inserts are custom made we have to go back in a month to pick them up and have any adjustments done to them.  He also has to have some therapy to try to build up some sections of his feet.  They did some physical therapy with him yesterday just to show what he will be doing.  I'm praying that this works for him.  I hate seeing him in pain and not being able to do the things that he wants to do.  

I also snapped a pic of Richard while he was driving!  :) 
 Since this was a few hour trip for us, I took along something to keep my hands busy.  I worked on some hexies. 
 A few more pics of our little road trip.  Here we are turning in at Shriner's Hospital.  It had just started raining when we got there. 
 Hunter loves when we pass Castle Post.  Such a lovely place and it is rather huge.  Their website shows some lovely photos of the inside.  You don't see many castles in KY.  LOL! 
 Another angle...

 Today I am very tired and stiff.  Riding in a car sure doesn't help my hips and back but it was well worth the trip if this helps him.